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    Colour Coding and Dot Formatting in Maps

    Sudeep Shukla

      Hi Team,

      I have questions regarding maps. Here is what I did:


      - I created a dashboard for 'State' and another dashboard for 'City'

      - On the 'State' dashboard, I used action filter and used 'City' as the target filter. When I click on a state, it takes me to a different workspace and all the cities for that state are displayed.


      My requirements:

      1) The dots in the 'City' dashboard are quite far apart and visibly it seems as if the cities and they cross the boundaries of that state. I have attached my sample dashboard. For eg, try choosing Michigan in the 'State' dashboard. I am directed to the 'City' dahsboard all right, but the dots cross the boundaries of Michigan.

      How do I resolve this because this is visibly incorrect?


      2) I wanted the dots to be colour coded based on my custom criteria.If you look at the 'State' dashboard, the dots below 30 should be red, 30 to 50 as amber and >50 as green

      How do I accomplish this?


      Please help me. I am awaiting your response. This is very critical requirement.

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          Matt Lutton

          I'm about to head out, so I didn't address Question 1, but for Question 2, you can use a discrete (blue pill) version of this calculated field:


          IF AVG([Number]) < 30 then 1

          elseif AVG([Number]) < 51 then 2

          else 3 end


          You could use "Red", "amber", and "green" as the THEN part of the statement, but I tend to use numbers and alias them for performance reasons.  Either way, you'll get the result you want:



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            Sudeep Shukla

            Shawn, thanks for the reply.

            I am unable to attach anything in this discussionm else I would have shown you my struggles.


            When I drag the color calculated field in the color marks, I don't get the format legend option where I can set the value of '1' '2' and '3' to desired colors. Instead, I get the stepped color legend and I can't adjust the colors


            Also, when I drag the colors field from in the color shelf, my original number are replaced by the value of the color filed all across the dashboard (1, 2 and 3).


            Please help as this is really critical.

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              Matt Lutton

              It needs to be a DISCRETE (blue pill), not CONTINUOUS (green pill)


              Also, if the requirement is URGENT, you might consider Tableau Support or one of the many consulting firms they partner with.  This Forum is a community of Tableau users, and we are all volunteering our time. Therefore, marking something as "urgent" here isn't really going to make any difference as this is not a help desk/support forum.  I hope that makes sense, and I do not intend to offend!

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                Sudeep Shukla

                Shawn, I was able to solve that myself. I just changed the continous to discreet in the color marks and I was able to resolve that.


                Thanks a lot for the great help guys.