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    Tableau Online Account and HTML

    Kennen Gross

      Is there a way to change the permissions on a project that is in my Tableau Online account so that the html can be pasted into a web site and people can see it without having to log-in?

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          Tom W

          You would like to embed a report from your Tableau Online instance into another webpage where people are not required to login (in order words, anyone with the address to your Tableau Online report would be able to see it)?

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            Kennen Gross

            Yes.  The reason why I am asking is because when I embed the html produced from the project when it is on Tableau Online shows up on my web site. The problem is that it asks for a log-in to Tableau Online to see it.  The html from Tableau Public does not show up at all on the web site (per my previous post)

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              Tom W

              As I understand it, if you want to view a report from a Tableau Online instance you need an account.

              As per the Tableau Online help:

              The only people who have access to your site and content are the users that your site’s administrators have explicitly added to your site


              If you want to open it up to the public, you're better suited to using Tableau Public. Best to keep your Tableau Public in the separate thread rather than duplicating them here though.

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                Tom W

                Also FYI; I've seen you've asked a number of questions on here which haven't been marked as answered.


                It's a great help to us and other's looking for answers in the future if you mark a post as answered or helpful