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    Equivalent to Qlik Search object?

    Tina Hauser

      For anyone familiar with Qlik - they have a Search object that can be placed on any dashboard.  You simply type keywords into this object and it will return to you a list of all fields and values that match.  I have not found anything similar in Tableau - has anyone been able to implement similar functionality in Tableau and if so how was it accomplished?

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Tina,


          I am not familiar with Qlik however a Quick filter with a wildcard search would provide values for a specific Dimension. 


          Field search can be done from Tableau Desktop as well by selecting the search icon to the right of the Dimensions or Measures title (top of pane).  There is no universal sort of search type functionality however that could be used in a view or in a finalized dashboard to search metadata. 


          Hope that helps



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            Siraj Samsudeen

            Hi Tina,


            There is no equivalent for the wonderful Qlik search object here in Tableau. What you get is the search within the values of Dimensions by using the search filter for each dimension. This means that you have to go through each dimension and click on search button there to search the values there. For searching metadata (the column names), you could data window search, but it searches across all the fields in the data source, not just the fields used in the dashboard. So, there is no universal search mechanism like in Qlikview which takes its scope as all the elements in the dashboards including data and metadata This is a very good feature for consideration for Tableau as customers just love this search feature!

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