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    Tableau dashboard/map project

    bill poll

      Marketing analytics firm specializing in the financial vertical is launching a new solution.  Data structure is geo-based (ZIP codes) with quarterly updates.  Would like to hear from Tableau specialists who can build the initial dashboard, and work with clients as they integrate their own data and develop their own requirements.  Please email your contact info and any other details to info@iapartners.com.

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Hey folks, Bill's a good guy. I was unable to carve out the time for him, so I hope someone else can. This is a remote job, (at least initially) so no need to travel. Bill is not a Tableau guy, and his data is currently in Excel sheets. The initial challenge will be to understand his data, then reshape it to Tableau's liking. Even though he's currently got mostly text tables and highlight tables, he's open to visualizing it in a more visually informative way.


          Once the 'prototype' is developed, he will then sell this to his customer base, meaning there could be considerably more work down the road.






          PS: Bill if I got any of this wrong, please correct me. Also you might want to add some contact information (disguise your email of course). Good Luck.

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            Deeps KH



            I would be interested in the same. In case you still looking out please contact me on the below email address.





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              Sameer Khan

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