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    Connectionless Failure

    Joe Saenz

      Scheduled Data Extract Refresh is failing with "Connectionless Failure".  I have several data extract's that refresh on a weekly basis.  Only some are completing successfully.  Any ideas on what this error message refers to?

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          Matt Lutton

          Did you contact support@tableausoftware.com by chance?  I'd always suggest sending in details on errors like this so they are at least aware of your issue. Sorry, I don't have any additional information on this error although I'm pretty sure I've experienced it one point or another.  Cheers

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            Joe Saenz

            Yes I did.



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              Julia Nguyen

              Hello Joe,


              I have the same issue and posted a question on the forum but I deleted it because it seems only the support can help us.


              Nevertheless, I may know why you have this issue. Are your workbooks using the same extracts? Workbooks that refresh succesfully must be the ones where you created the extract. Maybe you copy-pasted these original workbooks to create another ones with the same data source (for example : one for ipad, another for desktop) and uploaded them to server like I did.


              The only solution I found is to put everything in the workbook which is refreshing correctly.

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                Joe Saenz

                I believe I understand what your saying.  I have done that with some workbooks.  But it seems like some will update correctly and others don't.  I was able to get them to update after I manually updated the extract.  They did keep failing with the first extract always completing successfully.  They would also complete if I would just retry them one at a time.  I do have a incident with support and will forward any info I can to help you.



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                  Julia Nguyen

                  Hi Joe, do you have any updates for this issue?

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                    John Sobczak

                    I am experiencing the same issue which seemed to start recently after working ok for months.   One interesting obeservation with this error for me is that there is no "edit connection" pick.  This pick usually exists in the alerts messages for other refresh errors. 

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                      David Pickering

                      I have the same error message. I suspect that my issue is caused because the credentials I supplied are IP address limited. Anyone know a workaround to this?

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                        Steven K

                        Basically the error message is just a generic message that means something went wrong with the update. Probably why people said to just send a help ticket.


                        For example, I just struggled with the same situation: my workbook was updating fine, then one of the tables stopped updating successfully giving the same error message. Turns out, a column went missing on that table. All I had to do was get the column added back to the table and it worked fine.