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    Multiple dynamic reference bands


      I would like to highlight multiple areas in my time series line chart based on a "Status" dimension. I am having a hard time figuring out how to do this dynamically via reference bands.

      I realize I could just use the Stage dimension as the color of the line but would prefer the more traditional bands to highlight different regimes in the data.


      I've attached workbook with data. The idea is to make it look like the Reference band view but with the bands varying according to the chosen company.

      There is fixed range of Stages (1,2,3) for what its worth.


      thanks for any advice or alternative ideas.

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          I think I may have figured out a solution, those that know better could comment. I am using an area chart plotting the number of records on a secondary axis, and then ensuring that the area covers the full length of the y axis. Color of areas is then determine by the Status dimension. The area highlights change according to the selected quick filter.


          so in reality it seems like i dont need to use the reference band feature in tableau at all here ..

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