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    Script to Save twbx with Date-Time filename...

    Shawn Wallwork

      Patrick A Van Der Hyde and I worked out this handy little batch file....


      Purpose: Each day we need to pull down a list of workbooks that contain automatically refreshing extracts. This way the customer can go back and see how things looked for a particular moment in time.



      • Gets a list of predetermined files off of Tableau Server
      • Batch rename the files to include current date & time
      • Move the files to a permanent directory



      • Command extensions are enabled (the default)
      • tabcmd is installed and in your path
      • You've mapped the T: drive to be your Tableau Server root directory
      • You have created this directory structure T:\Snapshots\temp
      • Your version of dos is similar to 6.2


      Attachment: Batch Save Packaged.bat




      Batch Save Packaged.png


      Hope you find this useful.