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    filter to filter relations

    john ripper

      Hi guys,

      I have the following problem. I am trying to do some profit analysis at region level, state level and city level.

      There are 3 different sheets I have created.

      1.) contains regions(countries), profits and dates to plot a line graph

      2.) Contains states, profits and dates to plot a line graph

      3.) Contains cities, profits and dates to plot a line graph.


      on the dashboard,

      there are all 3 of theses sheets with filters for regions, states and cities for sheets 1,2 and 3 respectively.

      Here is the problem:

      the regions filter is showing all the regions available. which is not a problem. the state filter is showing all the states available and so is the cities filter. I don't want all the states and cities shown.


      This is how it should work:

      The sheet 1 should show 1 default region. sheet 2 should show me the results of all the states available in the selected region. sheet 3 should show all the cities available in the first state that comes in the states filter.


      Is there a way to do it? please suggest.

      I am uploading a workbook as a sample.