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    Table Calculations from Qlik Formula

    Michael McAlpin

      Hello all,

      I am very new to tableau and testing it out for an upcoming purchase. I created a calculation which works in QlikView, the rival competitor, to calculate certain data, but this formula will not work in tableau no matter how many variations I attempt. Here it is:


      (SUM(if(LX_TYPE='R',LX_HRS,0)))/(SUM(If([LX_TYPE]='R',If(IsNull([OP_RUN_STD]) Or [OP_RUN_STD]=0,0,([LX_QTY]/[OP_RUN_STD])),0)))


      Basically, I am trying to calculate the productivity by taking the "actual hours"/"standard hours". I know the "if" statements have to be "iif" so I tried changing that, but it still wouldn't work.  Do I need some "lookup" command or something?

      Thanks for any help.