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    Context filters causing Tableau to step on itself.

    Michael Kruzewski

      I have a workbook on a Tableau server connected to a Greenplum/Postgres database via an application account and I having some odd issues occurring when using context filters. When I apply context filters to a data connection I will get an error similar to the below....


      DataSourceException: ERROR: relation "XTableau_3_Context" already exists; Error while executing the query


      From what I understand, a context filter on a database connection creates a temp table in the database and Tableau runs the visualization off of that. With that being said, the error implies that the name of temp table which Tableau is trying to create already exists.


      Does anyone has any insight into what is really going on? Am I creating temp tables with the same name within the same session? Is that even possible?...or am I going down the wrong path to find a solution?