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    Question on calculation

    Suresh Murugesan

      I am working on an assignment that calculates availability of a system. The historical data is available in an XL. The XL has one entry whenever the system was down. There could be multiple rows for a given day if the system was down multiple times during that day. Similarly if there was no downtime in a given month, there wont be any records in the XL file for any of the days for that month.


      Now I am able to calculate the availability % only for those days or months for which the XL has an entry. If the XL does not have any entry for a given month (no down time for the whole month), I am not able to make tableau calculate the availability % for that month.


      Is there a way that we can make this happen so that tableau can calculate the availability as 100% if there are no entries for that month.


      I have some more questions on reporting this info on quarterly trend too. I will write about it little later if i am not able to make a progress.


      Availability % is calculated as follows:

      Availability = 1-(total downtime  in mins (ie in day or month or quarter)/total available mins for that period (day or month or quarter))


      Pls let me know your suggestions