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    how can i calculate cumulative monthly data?

    Victoria Ruiz-Tagle



      I need help whit my calculation table, i dont know how can i calculate acumulative data en the rows monthly, sorry for my bad english.


      in my columns i have months and the rows i have bugget, actual and deviation, and I need acumulative deviation month to month, somebody can help me please!


      Thanks and my regards!

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          Noah Salvaterra

          If you right click the pill you want to show cumulative data you can select quick table calculation, then running total it may give you what you need. Beyond that I'd need more information on your setup.


          To get the most out of the forum (particularly if English isn't a language you're confident in) I STRONGLY recommend including a twbx (Tableau packaged workbook) with your question. Even if you are working with private data it should be quick to mock up something that matches your data structure. You could do this in Excel, or use Superstore or Coffee Chain datasets which are included with Tableau. Not only does this make your question more clear, it will make it a lot easier to demonstrate a solution.