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    What is best practice for multiple dashboards- One big Tableau workbook or several smaller ones?

    Doug Mathieu

      The team I work for has 6 service areas and each will have a dashboard. The plan is to have one team dashboard for a high level view, and then we can drill down to any of the 6 service dashboards. I finished the first dashboard, which has 5 worksheets and two data sources.

      Should I use the same workbook to build out the other 5 dashboards, potentially having around 30 worksheets and 12 data sources? Or is there a better practice in which I build separate Tableau workbooks for each dashboard, but when I publish them they are all able to be viewed upon a drill down from the high level team dashboard? If so, can you point me in the right direction to publish multiple dashboards from different workbooks but link them to the same high level Dashboard on Tableau Server? Sounds like maybe this route would be difficult...