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    Calculation on Higher Level Data Attribute (non-blending)

    David Glusic

      Good morning, after much time spent on investigating this issue for internal project I'm currently stumped on how to solve.


      I need to regularly calculate based on aggregations higher than my data set. My data set displays ID's and Products, with Entry Date as an attribute of ID, not product. When I create a field to calculate days from entry, my result is incorrect due to duplicated data. Similar to issue when blending two data sources and taking an average, this unfortunately does not work as my count of records per ID varies.


      What I'd like to do is create a simple sum of days from entry, and an average of days per ID. Which can be displayed via chart or table (as shown on sample sheets).


      I've tried many combinations, including Window_sum(Average), Window_Avg(Sum), to no avail.


      I've attached a  sample workbook for reference of how the output may look like (we never will have ID displayed due to overall number of records).