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    Top N and Others + Nested Sorting

    Egor Larin

      Hello dear Tableau users!


      I stuck with some visualization(

      I'm using the Tableau Sample in this case, cause i can't share my data(


      What i want to do:

      • Create Top N Products and 'Others' for each Category
      • Then i need to sort Products Descending. Others must be in the bottom for each Category
      • Then i need to filter my table. i can choose one or all categories. After filtering i must have the same Sort order - Products and Others

      What i'm done:

      • I created a Top N Product calculation if rank(sum([Sales]))<=[Top Customers] then min([Product Name]) else 'Others' end
      • I can't use Sorting in this field( Only Manual.

      So my question is:

      How to combine Top Products and Nested Sorting(?



      Any help will be appreciated.

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