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    Calculate Previous Years Sales

    Frances Jones

      Hi, hope you can help


      I have a Sales Calculation for current year and previous year sales.


      The problem I am experiencing is that no matter what calculation I use, I'm always getting this Financial years Sales figures.

      I have a filter on the data so that it only shows FY2014, but then I want to create a calculation that shows the % To last years revenue + an uplift of a dynamic paramater (e.g  FY2013 Sales + 20% = 2014 Target)


      I've tried using this:

      If datediff('year', [Previous revenue_period], [revenue_period])=1 then [rev] end

      But this just returns the sales for the current Financial year.


      Any ideas on the best way to do this? I've had a search through the KB and forums.


      Thank you!