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    Accessing Server Through Desktop Using SAML

    Jeff Bloomfield

      Just finished upgrading Tableau Server to v8.1.6 using AD, SSL, and SAML.  Everything seems to be working fine and users can log in without issue from our company portal, but I am having issues when trying to connect to the server using Desktop (same upgraded version).  I'm using the same URL that we use for the web login when trying to sign in:

      SAML Login Box.png

      However, it is failing when attempting to do so, and the dialog box that pops up says:  Content Resend Error:  The request needed to be sent again but it failed (https://login.mysites.com/Samlp/Tableau/Login)


      I've tried looking in some of the server logs but am not seeing anything - does anyone have any ideas as to what my next steps would be to troubleshoot this?


      Thanks in advance,