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    Test Connection on Tableau Server

    Matt Subjinske

      I have a Tableau Report published on a Tableau Server.  The report connects to a internal OData https site.  When I refresh the data locally on my desktop it refreshes fine.  If I schedule the report to be refreshed the background task on the server it will fail with


      "Internet communication error: Failure when receiving data from the peer (SITEURL.net). Make sure you used a valid OData URL with the correct prefix (http:// or https://)."


      I believe this is a firewall issue with the server but when I go into "Edit Data Connection" and click the "Test Connection" on the server the result comes back as successful.


      The question is does the "Test Connection" use the local computers Proxy/Internet Connection to test the URL or does it send the request back to the Tableau Server using the servers Proxy/Internet connection to test the URL?


      Any help or insight would be great.

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          Eric McDonald

          You should be able to test the connection on the server itself using. Make sure you are logged on as the service user, then open a web browser and point to the OData feed. If this doesn't work then you need to look at your proxy and/or firewall settings.

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            Matt Subjinske

            Thanks Eric.  I do not have access to the server but I was able to have the Server admin test that out.  It appears to be a certification issue for the https.  They are looking into fixing the issue. 


            That also does confirm my question.  The "Test Connection" uses the local desktop you test it from not the Server.  This can cause some confusion when you get an error report that fails due to connection issue but the test connection shows it connects fine. You do have to manually connect to the server and run it to find out for sure what the error actually is.