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    URL action is not working on Tableau Public

    Prashant Sharma

      Hi All,

      Recently I have created a rating poll in a viz & here is the link - TheAmazinSpiderMan2

      Here I have created a button to submit the form & that saved the poll result to my Google Docs but this is working fine on my PC but not on Tableau public. I am unable to find out the reason that why it is happening. Any thoughts?

      Thanks in advance!


      Warm Regards,

      Prashant Sharma - India | LinkedIn

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          Russell Christopher

          Tableau Server has a security feature which limits the protocols which can be used in a URL Action, I don't know for sure, but I'd assume Tableau Public does, too. It may be that Public is therefore explicitly disallowing the use of protocols beyond things like http:, https:, mailTo:, etc. in a URL Action:


          Should be OK: http://something

          Should be be Denied: file:\\c:\path\to\some\file


          On a Tableau Server you own, one can use vizqlserver.url_scheme_whitelist to add additional protocols to what we allow out of the box:

          vizqlserver.url_scheme_whitelist Specifies the protocols to whitelist when using URL actions on views and dashboards. http, https, gopher, news, ftp, and mailto are whitelisted by default.

          Your problem is that there's no way for YOU to add Google Docs protocol needs to the whitelist of Tableau Public.

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            Prashant Sharma

            Hi Russell,

            Thanks for the explanation. I just rechecked & found that none of my URL action is working here. Checked again in my desktop & found that these actions are now not working in my dashboard also. These actions are working fine in worksheet but not in dashboard. I was unable to find that why this is happening. Can you please download it & look into this.

            One more thing I want to share that https is working in Tableau Public & one example is here - How to Turn a Viz into a Poll | Tableau Public


            Warm Regards,

            Prashant Sharma - India | LinkedIn