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      • 15. Re: Anyone buy my defense of a word cloud for this viz?

        If you could append word level data with numbers to indicate sentence, paragraph, section, book etc.

        I wish this was easy to do in Tableau. As I remember it, word clouds were not practical for grammatical sentence analysis, when I a year ago tried to use them in  Learning Grammar With Word Clouds.  The reason could be lack of knowledge and skills from my side. It could be lack of functionality. It probably was both


        I have had a feeling that neither Tableau nor its customers have any desire to move Tableau in this direction and therefore avoided spending time and effort on how this could be done in Tableau. Seeing a certain interest in this thread has encouraged me to think about text analysis in Tableau again. Textual analysis is for sure something I would like to do in Tableau as a personal interest in education.


        Writing these lines helps me see why I believe this isn't a direction Tableau and its customers want to go. The reason is simple: Business customers don't need it. They are about (short-term) profit, something textual analysis will not help them with. Am I wrong in my thinking about paying customers' need for textual analysis?

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