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    Anyone buy my defense of a word cloud for this viz?

    Joshua Milligan

      I recently published a dashboard to Tableau Public and gave some description of it here: It’s Greek to Me (Literally): Textual Analysis in Tableau | VizPainter


      This is one of those projects that I worked on a while ago, then off and on and finally got the courage to share -- but haven't gotten any feedback.  I realize it may not have the widest audience (that's putting it mildly -- there may be two people in the world who care about data visualization AND ancient Greek... and I don't know who the other one is )


      The focal point of the viz is a word cloud.  The data visualization purists shuddered - and typically, I'd agree.  But I make a few arguments for its use in this case:

      • The dashboard is an invitation to explore and not the primary means of performing analysis.
      • The word cloud is a user interface that makes it easy to select a word that captures interest (typing ancient Greek or selecting from a long list is difficult and tedious)
      • The word cloud is aesthetically pleasing (in my opinion - I mean Greek in a word-cloud just looks cool!  Of course you can change it to English if you'd like).


      What does the community think?  Have I lost it?  Are there better ways to do it?




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