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    Filter to exclude missing data

    Fareeza Khurshed


      • Still a beginner with Tableau
      • I can't change the data source format.
      • Tableau Profession 8.0.6


      My dashboard is here:



      I don't have data for all indicators for all years, for example select Alcohol for 2012. This causes the map to show as one colour, but no indication that data is missing.


      What I would like is for the dashboard to default to the most recent year with data. I was thinking there may be a way to add a condition to the filter, but have no idea of how to start that.

      Alternatively, a message of missing data please choose another year would be nice as well.


      Any ideas and suggestions appreciated.


      Data structure is an excel file with the variables as:

      Year Province Indicator1 Indicator2 Indicator 3 Indicator4..