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    Custom geocoding folder does not exist

    Ben Leathers

      I was trying to learn about custom geocoding when I received the following error message:

      The custom geocoding folder  has errors.

      The custom geocoding folder  does not exist.


      Just prior to getting this error message, I created a .csv file called Custom Geocoding, and put it into a folder I created called 'Custom Geocoding' which was in my Dropbox. I don't know if naming it that caused the problem?


      Another strange and possibly related symptom just before I got this error message:

      When I was trying to remove custom geocoding by clicking Map>Geocoding>Remove Custom Geocoding, and after I clicked 'Remove Custom Geocoding' the words did not grey out like they do in the Advanced Custom Geocoding on-demand tutorial video.


      Any help would be great, as this error message pops up whether I create a new workbook or open an existing one, and any workbooks I open do not contain longitude and latitude measures.