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    Action  FIiter Help Needed

    Catherine Drury

      Hi All


      I am new Tableau user and recently created a dashboad with a few charts. I then added a few filters for planner, brand and date which work on all charts on the dashboard and filter down material information. I then created an Action Filter to link users to a new page with more detailed information about orders based on what they filtered in the dashboard.  However, the action filter is not taking into account the date selected on the dashboard and is instead returning all results instead of the day/week selected. Any ideas???



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          Joshua Milligan



          Action filters, be default, pass values for all dimensions associated with the selected mark(s).  The fields that get passed can be manually narrowed in the Actions settings.  That means that if the date is not part of the mark on the order's view in some way (e.g. level of detail, Text, Rows, Columns), then it cannot be passed as part of the action.


          So, you can add the date to the orders view.  Try the level of detail, for example.


          The other option would be to make the quick filter of dates apply to the target of the action as well.  All filters (except table calc filters) can be applied to multiple views using the same data source.  To do this, go to your orders view and right click the date field on the Filters shelf and select "Apply to Worksheets".  Then select "Multiple" or "All using the Data source" depending on your exact needs.  That way, the filter on the dashboard will change the target sheet and when the action filter is applied, the date filter is already in place.


          Hope that helps!


          If there are specific details of your case that make it unique or complicated in some way, please post a packaged workbook (with mockup data) and I'd be happy to take a look!




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            Joshua Milligan

            Oh, and welcome to the forums!  Glad to have you here!