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    Developing Dashboards for Customers: Best Practices?

    James Eichinger

      I apologize if this has been discussed somewhere already. I was unable to find a topic addressing this. If there is one, please link to it and I will delete this post.


      This is less a technical question and one more about process and best practices. I'm an analyst who has been asked more and more to work as a developer. I work well with customers and try very hard to give them what they want. However, I want to be certain I'm doing everything I should be doing in the design process with the customer. Can anyone share their experiences, case studies, and links that may help?


      I'm specifically concerned with my storyboarding with the customer. I really think I could do that better, but I haven't found any resources that actually show the development storyboards and how they lead to the finished product. Anyone see anything like that out there?


      Thank you so much in advance!