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    TUG Montreal Meeting 15/04/2014

    Wendy Zhou

      Thank you for you all coming to join us tonight. We had special TUG Viz Contest tonight.

      Here's the link to Viz of tonight contest:

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      To all users:

      Feel free to publish your Viz on Tableau Public and submit the link below, not late than 17th Apr, this Thursday. Our Polling Finish on Friday.


      mathieu.labrie , feel free to upload your Viz to Tableau Public and submit link below since you couldn't make it tonight to present in person.

      Thank you for everyone's interest and wish you happy Easter!




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          Mathieu Labrie

          Will definitely post it later in the day.


          Sorry everyone again about yesterday. I imagine you guys had some quite interesting content to share and comment on. I was kind of stuck in the office and when I saw the time it was all white outside and I knew I wouldn't be able to make it on time.

          Thanks Wendy Zhou !


          On a side note, there is a prestigious intelligence/viz challenge going on at the moment. If you have time and interest in pushing it further (And by further here I mean, non structured data, email headers, resumes, GPS tracking data, news briefs, etc etc) you should look at the VAST Challenge 2014 http://vacommunity.org/VAST+Challenge+2014 . It involves a lot of advanced text/geoloc mining this year as you can see from the scenario.. I have a team put together already, but if some of you are participating, don't hesitate to message me if you want to discuss.