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    8.1.6 firefox rendering problem

    Jeremy Becker

      I just patched server to 8.1.6 over the weekend and have a lone user who chooses to utilize Firefox and suddenly is unable to render a table - based report cleanly.  It renders, but it bunches data rows visually for no reason.  I'm not seeing the issue with any of my Chrome users.  Anyone else see this? 

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Jeremy,


          First off, thank you for reporting the issue. 


          If you could, it would greatly assist to answer a few questions.


          1) was the user experiencing the issue prior to 8.1.6 with this view?  This is implied but checking to make sure we know that this view specifically was being used.

          2) Does this occur for a single server rendered view or all views?

          3) Does the same user view everything properly in Chrome? 

          4) Try adding - "?:render=false"  to the end of the URL string to utilize Client Side rendering instead of Server Side rendering.  Does the issue still occur?  (btw - the help topic regarding Client Side Rendering may be found here).

          5) What version of Firefox is in use by this specific employee?  Is it fully patched to the most recent version 28?


          I'm not sure if this is the cause but I see that version 28 has a known issue related to Text Rendering on Windows 8.1 and Win 7 (Firefox — Notes — Mozilla)  as well.  I'm not experiencing these issues with any of the workbooks I have tested though.





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            Jeremy Becker

            Thanks Patrick,


            We tried an upgraded version and still not rendering correctly.  Switched her to Chrome ... and no problems. 


            Not the answer, but good enough. 

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              Some on our side still see this issue. 

              Some cannot reproduce it at all (on any browser), some can consistently reproduce it (only on Firefox).

              * For the people that see this, it is only seen when embedding within an iFrame.


              Basically its a troubleshooters dream:

              • Sporadic
              • potentially browser / version specific
              • potentially embedding related


              All this leads me here for the moment:

              Amount of data being rendered + firefox seem to be most relevant

              Memory on machine? + embedding etc. seem to influence likelihood of reproducing 


              Does any of this correlate with what you have seen jeremy.becker.0 ?

              cc: Patrick Van Der Hyde


              This has been reproduced in multiple workbooks.

              Two examples:

              1. 100% text table with 50 rows x 8 columns
              2. Sub-optimal (too much info) visualization like the one attached



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                vishwanath Pendyala

                Hi Fitz


                Its a known issue on mozilla browser with some of its olderversions , Looks like Mozilla fixed it on the later releases.


                Re: Mozilla Firefox 27 Upgrade Problems




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                  Hi vishwanath Pendyala -

                  If so, they have a regression bug....

                  I should have noted that we see this behavior in Firefox 30.

                  Same applies as noted - some see it there, some don't.


                  Thanks for taking a look.


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                    Jeremy Becker

                    Saw similar.  Has been reported by only one user, and cropped up again recently.  The report in question is a text table based report with a bunch of columns and over 100 rows.  I popped it into a dashboard to give the user scroll bars to navigate the table.  Has not been reported again in over a week.


                    This user has also seen the poor rendering with Chrome, incidentally. 

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                      vishwanath Pendyala

                      Hi Fitz


                      I see this workaround on Mozilaa Support


                      To enable the workaround for this bug:

                      1) Make sure you're running Firefox 26 or higher

                      2) Go to about:config

                      3) Right click anywhere in the content area, create a new Boolean called "layout.paint_rects_separately" (without the quotes) and set it to true

                      4) Restart the browser


                      This setting is expected to become the default at some point, but right now it causes some performance regressions.






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