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    Calculate Percent of Bars

    Michael Lance



      I have a standard bar chart:

      with incorrect percentages displayed.

      The default values to display are (obviously) the actual counts, which for "Step 1" is 49 and so on.

      I am trying to create a calculation to display the percent represented by the amount for each bar.


      Thanks in Advance,


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          Noah Salvaterra

          As far as I can tell, Tableau is providing just what you asked for. My guess is that you have number of records of the row shelf (I have to guess as this isn't part of the image above), Calculation2 is on the label shelf, so it is graphing one thing but labeling it with another.


          What Calculation2 is actually computing isn't something I can get from a picture. If you can provide a sample workbook, or at least a better description of what you mean by "the amount for each bar" then I should be able to help.


          You could also try taking Calculation2 off the sheet, then right click the number of records calc on rows, select quick table calculation and then percent of total. This should change things to a percentage using table across. Control drag that onto label, then right click the rows calc again and select clear table calculation if you want to go back to counts.



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            Michael Lance

            Here is a more complete picture showing the table calculation for “SUM(# Records)”:



            I’d like for the y-axis to remain the same but the labels to show the percent for each bar (of the total for the table).



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