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    How do I return the row number when Measure Names is in the Rows shelf?

    John Liska

      I'm trying to do a basic table that -- in addition to some core data -- includes the row number. To do this I created a calculated field called "RowNumber" and entered the following calc:



      The issue I'm having is that the Index() function resets for every measure, and I have the Measure Names pill on the Rows shelf. As such the "RowNumber" value is always equal to 1. (See attached image.) When I swap the rows/columns I can get my "RowNumber" calculated field to work just fine, but unfortunately I can't present the data in that layoout; I need the Measure Names on the Rows shelf.


      Is there a way to correct this so that I can get a simple row number to appear correctly across the entire table? Thanks in advance.