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    logarithmic scale bug?


      Using a logarithmic scale in Tableau I get a result like the screenshot below. I can not understand how Tableau comes up with the 0.85'ish baseline for the barchart. Is this a bug/undocumented feature, or is there something I'm missing here? I'd like to understand how Tableau sets this baseline. If i change any option on the axis from the one in the screenshot, It's not behaving like this, but drawing all bars from zero.


      Anyone got any idea what's going on?



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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Are,


          Welcome to the Community Forums.


          Thank you for reporting this issue.  Could you please provide the following additional details?

          1) Version of Tableau Desktop in use when issue encountered?


          2)  Please verify the issue persists on the most current version (check here for the most recent version of Tableau Desktop). 


          3) If the issue persists with the most recent version of Tableau desktop, could you supply either a sample workbook (.twbx) here that displays this condition on a worksheet to explore further?


          Thank you



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            Andrew Chiu

            This doesn't seem correct and I cannot figure out how to reproduce your problem. Can you provide more details?