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    Use hyperlinks in Tableau embed to navigate in web site?

    Randall Goya

      We have an embedded Tableau map and would like to use the hyperlinks in Tableau to navigate to pages in the web site WITHOUT OPENING A NEW BROWSER WINDOW/TAB


      From what I can see, Tableau creates an Iframe to contain the Tableau content inside the web page where it is embedded.


      I understand the actions possible with Tableau hyperlinks to external content are

      1. Open external content a new window

      2. Open external in a "Web Page" in the Tableau dashboard


      Is it possible to add frame-breaking Javascript in the Tableau dashboard that could run in the Tableau Web Page when it loads like


      if (top.location!= self.location) {

        top.location = self.location.href



      I have looked at the Tableau Javascript API and I do not see a way to add such "custom" scripting. Like many APIs (such as Brightcove Video) the objects and methods are pre-defined. I appears that viz.addEventListener can only generate a dialog or alert as objects external to div id="tableauViz" and its embedded Iframe - could a hyperlink be added to a dialog to interact with the top window?


      Alternatively, can someone provide an example of Javascript loaded in the web page with the Tableau embed that has access to the Tableau DOM after the Tableau content loads?


      Does Tableau create a public callback once the content is loaded, so that I can trigger an asynchronous script in the web page after Tableau has finished loading?


      The only way I can imagine using the Tableau map as site navigation is to load it as a static image, then apply an HTML Image Map to the content; but I still need to know when it is loaded, or run some recurring code to detect it is loaded until it returns true.