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    Measure names - How can I hide the hidden fields in my extract on the quick filter list

    Jeff Strauss

      It works on desktop nut not on server.  Here's the case, any worthwhile advice is worth a double martini at the September conference.


      - The workbook has a local extract.  It has a bunch of calcs that refer to other measures.  These other measures we desire to hide but can't because they are actively being referred to so we named them Z_Dont_use......).


      The full list of measure names is displayed in the quick filters including the Z_Dont_use......




      We created a server based data source, then hid the Z_Dont_use fields within here, since technically they don't appear on any viz.  This is published to the server.


      We use "replace data source" in our workbook to point at the server based data source.  Magic, the measure names do not show up in the quick filter and the calcs still work and the workbook can be refreshed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



      We publish this new workbook up to the server, and the measure names are back in the quick filter.  Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



      I was thinking that since the original list of measure names had them and the list was manually being sorted, that some erroneous metadata may has stuck around.  But I can't find anything like this.  Also, I think something erroneous is sticking around because when I have a fresh workbook and connect and then publish, the fields do not appear at all on the server.