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    Measuring and Visualizing Growth from a Specific Date or Event

    David Biehl

      We mailed out a catalog about a month ago, and now we want to see if the catalog has produced additional business in terms of sales. I know the date it was mailed, the customers that received a catalog, and the products in the catalog, etc. I did a linear graph by day, and it was too jumpy to really make any real conclusions. I tried smoothing it with a moving average, but I am still not satisfied.


      I also created a calculation that determined "before" and "after" the mailing date and tried doing a bar-to-bar comparison like that as well ... with limited results. We had to normalize the figure to "sales / day" to compare before and after and there is some growth, but it's not a very interesting visualization.


      Has anyone else measured anything around a specific date? And if so, what are some best practices for visualizing cause/effect data?