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    Can you make aliases at the sheet level and not workbook?


      I have a dashboard I need to make where some of the individual charts are calculating a field in different ways.


      For example:  I have a chart showing sales for department A and a chart showing the sales for department B.  In the data warehouse chart A and B have the information stored in separate columns.  In the dashboard I need those separate columns to be displayed as Sales on their respective sheets.


      I noticed that if you set the alias on a measure it is applied globally across the workbook.  Is there a way to alias a measure one way on one sheet and another way on a separate sheet?


      The only way I can think of doing this by doing a CASE statement in either SQL or a calculated field.  That method seems really wonky because of the amount of times I have to do this.  I would like to just be able to right click a column on a chart and rename it without it affecting another chart.