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    Invalid expression, cannot be unaggregated

    Lance Leonard

      Tableau 8.0


      I have a strange problem. I need to filter out "unfunded" (budget is null) projects from a financial forecast. The funding is in a separate data source, in this case secondary. The forecast is my primary data source and contains project dimensions including financial periods (dates) and the forecasted financials. Also, the desired report is aggregated to a regional level above the projects. In order to filter these projects out, I created a set in the secondary source and a filter calculation as documented in this blog post (How to Have Sets with Your Secondary (Data Sources) | Drawing with Numbers). This works locally, but when I publish to the server I get the error below. Unfortunately, I cannot share a sample packaged workbook due to sensitive data but any guidance on the following error would be much appreciated since I can't find any documentation on it.

      Session Ended by Server

      An unexpected error occurred on the server. If you continue to receive this error please contact your Tableau Server Administrator.



      DataSourceException: Invalid expression, cannot be unaggregated

      2014-04-02 19:05:02.269 (UzxfWQoCAi0AAAyo-3wAAAFj,1,1)



      Would you like to reset the view?



      I suspect this could be due to the complexity of the Oracle data sources I'm using. When I do a POC in Excel as below, it publishes and works as expected. But, nonetheless, below is a very simplistic view of what I'm after.


      Forecast (Primary)

      Project IDRegionPeriodForecast


      Budgets (Secondary)

      Project IDBudget


      Desired Result

      Header 1Header 2Header 3Notes
      East4/1/2014$4000(Excludes 54321 due to no budget)