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    Community Upgrade Notes - 4/1/2014

    Dustin Smith

      (no April fools jokes here, I promise )


      Hi Everyone,


      We did a little maintenance upgrade last night that was mostly infrastructure related.  One change you will probably notice is that the Community Homepage now has a global search widget.  We've been talking about doing this for a long time in order to make it immediately easier for folks to look for an answer before going to straight to asking a question.  We're still really concerned that there isn't an easy way to get from the search page back to a spot where you can ask a question so we'll be monitoring behavior shifts over the next couple days to see what happens.


      We also were able to address the issue with the leader boards.


      As always, if something seems off today after this upgrade, please let us know immediately.  First troubleshooting step should be to dump your web cache.


      Appreciate any feedback.





      P.S. Site might feel a little slow for an hour or two as the server's caches rebuild.

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