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    Show Missing Values for Custom Created Field

    Vasundhara Vaishnav

      In the attached workbook, I have created two sheets "Number of Member" and "Number Of Member - Custom".


      In "Number of Members" sheet, I have taken WEEKDAY(Day of Week) in column shelf for displaying weekday data.

      There are no data for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. So, I have clicked "Show Missing Values" option

      and I am able to display Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in X-Axis.


      Now, My requirement is to display "1-Sunday","2-Monday","3-Tuesday",etc in X-Axis. So, in "Number of Members - Custom" sheet, I have created a calculated field "Week Day" and displayed this field in Columns shelf.


      By doing, this I am able to achieve my requirement. But only those weekdays are getting displayed for which there are some data available. I also want to display "4-Wednesday","5-Thursday","6-Friday" in X-Axis.