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    Pass parameter through URL to Dashboard?

    Michael Lance

      I know this is possible, but I just cannot see why it is not working for me.

      I have a dashboard with an embedded URL (another Tableau view).

      In that dashboard is a drop-down parameter.

      I want to pass that parameter through the URL that accesses that view.

      The parameter (Location) has "On Campus" and "Off Campus" as the display values.

      The actual values are the names of the on and off campus server addresses.

      When I add "?Location=Off%20Campus" to the end of the URL, the parameter in the published dashboard still defaults to "On Campus."

      I have tried using the actual server name instead of "Off Campus" in the URL, but that does not work.


      A bit about the parameter:

      It is in "sheet 1"

      I added sheet 1 to the dashboard to get the parameter, then removed the sheet while keeping the parameter.

      The parameter (single value drop-down) works when selected. It just does not respond to a URL as described above.