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    Showing (very) long labels?

    Clinton Bruns

      (First time forum user)  I am trying to track how an individuals performance changes after they make a commitment to improve.  So I essentially have a line graph showing a metric over time, labeling the value of the metric, but also on days where a commitment was made, what that commitment was.  This can be an indefinitely long string, but normally just a sentence or two.  All is well except for the large commitments, where it is not labeling them.  I have changed the label settings to include all marks, allowed them to overlap, and even went to the individual points to change the mark label to "always show."  This has not done anything, and I am starting to think that there may be a maximum character limit for labels, but I have not found anything online to suggest that.  In the attached example the person we are looking at has a commitment on 02/01/2014 and 02/04/2014, but only the one on 02/01/2014 is being displayed.