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    Easy calculations in 'Dimensions'

    ayaz ahmed

      Hi, I want to  create a calculation which works out a percentage of the dimension 'was IOFM used'.


      For example for April 2013, YES would be 23.52% ( 12/51*100)


      How do I create a calculated field which would work this out for me, the problem I have is that 'no', 'yes' , 'no response' are all within one dimension and I cant do a simple calculation in the calculated field section.


      I hope someone can help.






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          Noah Salvaterra

          I've dealt with this before when the session ID could be repeated, in that case you'd be using a countd instead of count. For that situation one solution is to create a modified [SessionID] for the possible responses. i.e. Yes_ID:

          If [Was IOFM used]='Yes' then [Session ID] end

          Nulls will be ignored in this count, so you'd get a count if only the yes values. Then


          would compute the percent of yes responses.

          Your case may be simpler, since you are using a count instead. In that case count([SessionID]) will likely give you the same result as Sum([Number of Records]). I recall one day noticing that Number of Records is a computed field, I laughed out loud when I went into the calculation editor to look at the formula:


          That is it, it is the number one. We could use an idea similar to the one above to flag only the yes responses. Is_Yes

          If [Was IOFM used]='Yes' then 1 else 0 end


          Sum([Is_Yes])/Sum([Number of Records])

          should compute this value as needed.

          Please let me know if one of these works for you, If not, please post a sample dataset so I can include a workbook in my response. It doesn't need to be your real data, but if you mock something up with a similar structure in excel would make it a lot easier to help.



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            ayaz ahmed

            Thanks Noah,


            works perfectly, appreciate the help and quick response.






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              Noah Salvaterra

              I'm glad.


              Do please post sample data or a packaged workbook in the future. You lucked out this time, but that is the most common reason for a slow responses, no responses and even rude responses on the forum. The more setup you can provide the easier it is to help.

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                ayaz ahmed

                no problem Noah,


                thanks again