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    How can I know if the user has filtered or not?

    Robin Goibert

      Hi everybody,


      In fact, I would like to display a sheet when the user has selected "all" on a filter, and another sheet when he has filtered on a value (it is a single value filter). I already know how to do it when I have a parameter, but my problem is that I can not use a parameter (I have a top n filter, so I have to "Add from context" all my filters).


      In fact the problem is how can I get the result of the filter. I have already seen some possible solutions with the function SIZE() but I can't find a way to implement it.


      Thank you a lot in advance,



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          Joshua Milligan



          If you know the number of items in the filter, a table calculation like Size or Total can be used to check whether all values are present (or whether some have been filtered out).  It's going to be trickier if the items in the filter are based on the context or are "applicable values only".  It might be possible.  Is there any way to share a packaged workbook (even a mockup) to see your specific case?