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    Is it possible to link 2 cities with a line, and how do I get a dimension to show on a map?


      1st question:

      I have a map with cities around the US. The main filter is on a sports game's home team, showing all the 'away' games played. When I change the filter the Home Team of 'New York Yankees', is it possible to have Tableau show paths (straight or curved) to each away city (San Francisco Giants, Houston Astros, etc)?


      2nd question:

      In the same viz, when I set the filter to be on the Home Team value of 'New York Yankees' I see all the cities of the away games/teams. I'd also like to see the self value of 'New York Yankees' on the map. I feel this is easy to implement, but can't wrap my head around what to exactly configure/change

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