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    How do I avoid line breaks in year comparision diagrams?

    Martin Thomas



      I'm quite a newbe to Tableau, evaluating the software for my company,...

      It's my second day I seem to have run into an unsolvable problem.


      I want to simply compare the daily turnover per day in a calender week for 3 given years.

      The thing is that tableau doesn't draw a connected line from week 1 to week 2, but inserts a divider, which makes the graph pretty useless for me.

      I've read through some other questions on this page and tried hierarchies and so on, but nothing works.

      Please don't let me die with excel as a BI-Tool, 'cause excel can do it.


      BTW Woche = Week and Wochentag = Day of week


      Thank you.


      Best regards,