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    Why is my string generating a bad character?

    Anthony Macey

      Hello all,


      I am writing a filter to map certain categories to specified values using;


      IF [MEASURE] = 'X Value' then 'X'

      ELSEIF [MEASURE] = 'Y Value' then 'Y'


      However the data source I am using has an ampersand in one of the strings and it is throwing up a Bad Character error.


      Does anybody have any idea why as I thought the information contained within the string was just treated as text.


      NB. I do not know if it's important but I mapped this in Excel and then pasted in to Notepad to make it plain text before copying in to Tableau.


      Many thanks.


      EDIT: Not sure if it was clear above but the error looks like;


      ELSEIF [MEASURE] = 'Z & Value' then 'Z'