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    Manually add members to a set that is already created

    Tricia Lord

      I have a set that contains 22 school districts.  I would like to edit the set to add a few more school districts that aren't in the current set.  I created the current set by narrowing down an initial list of 900 plus school districts by various attributes to get the 22.  The few I want to add fall outside of these attributes thus aren't in the set of 22.  I simply just want to add a few more.  I could create another set of these few districts and then combine them using the combine set functionality. Or I could create a list of districts "out" of the set, select a few and add them back to the original.  But I was wondering if there is a more elegant solution that I am not thinking of.   I'm attaching a packaged workbook with the data I am working with.  The Set is called "Demo Set" if anyone has ideas on how to make this simpler.