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    Can a table calculation be used to compare against another field in the table?

    Stacey Wagner

      I have a pretty complicated table of data in a workbook.  One of the fields is a table calculation which checks the first record in the group for a value and compares it to each row in that group.  I'd like to compare that value to a different value in the same row to see if it's greater or less than that value and then change the color of the font to show that it's lower.  In the below screen shot, Avg. Amenity Premium calculates the difference between the Avg. Rental Rate of that row with the Avg. Rental Rate of the Base Amenity row for each Property/Unit Type combination.  I'd like to compare that the to Avg. Amenity Budget column in each row and if Avg Amenity Premium is lower than Avg. Amenity Budget, I'd like the values in that row to be orange.  I know how to do the coloring part, I just can't seem to get the calculation right to use the Avg. Amenity Premium.