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    Displaying data based on the parameter using date field

    Gopal Raw

      Dear Friends,


      Can you please help me on the below scenario in Tableau.


      I have a database table with CREATION_DATE and CANCELLATION_DATE field which contains bank DD details. Creation date is not null field whereas cancellation date is null field. My requirement is to show the data based on the CREATION_DATE and CANCELLATION_DATE filed.


      I will be having a parameter field which will contain 'DDA Creation' and ''DDA cancellation'. based on the user selection the data will be fetched. If user selects DDA Creation then data will be shown based on CREATION_DATE filed. If user select 'DDA Cancellation'  the data will be shown based on CANCELLATION_DATE. Can you please help me how to do this in Tableau report?


      I have created a report parameter and a calculated field but not able to put the logic. Your help will be much appreciated.



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