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    How do you use Tableau for project management data? Best Data set up?

    Elizabeth Donnell

      I'm on a Talent Learning & Development team and we are currently using extensive excel spreadsheets to manually keep track of projects and resource assignments.  We use this data to ensure that all our clients are receiving their allocated share of the team, ensure resources are being utilized accordingly, and that projects are continuing to track on time and budget.


      Our dimensions would include things like: associates, the teams they are on (facilitation, esolutions development, project management, etc.), roles they play, work type, project names, business units supported, and date parameters for project start/end and month over month assignment of hours to work.  Our primary measures would be in the form of hours, and we like to compare hours forecast for work v. actual hours applied.  From this data set we configure multiple reports on a monthly, quarterly, and year end basis to show our core KPIs for resource utilization, business unit utilization, and project metrics such as within budget and on time.


      I'm trying to start an excel from scratch that will capture the dimensions and measures in a way that can be utilized in Tableau for reporting, but I keep hitting walls.  Has anyone else used tableau to analyze project management and team utilization? What are some best practices for how the data should be set up?  For time tracking we use HP PPMC we would use an export of data from that to bring in the actual hours.  Where we are concerned with month over month comparisons of what hours were forecast per associate and what the actual hours are I'm not sure how best to set up the data parameters.  In our excel we use string of "January- base hours" and "January-Actual hours" but we'd like to use the date hierarchy in tableau so should dates then be "1/1/2014" to represent January or should it be stated as a range?


      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          Travis Scudder



          I am looking for information in the same area. I would love to have a dashboard that shows resource capacity etc. Have you been able to make any progress? 

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            Elizabeth Donnell

            Hi Travis,

            I have made some progress with this.  I am in the process of finalizing our data set up and dashboards that will enable us to see our resource pool for project work, assigned projects, and available hours.


            We set up an excel spreadsheet that has a few tabs, I should note that we use HP's PPMC product for time tracking and we export reports from it to give us actual hours tracked to projects and work.  So our excel is set up with a tab for "Assigned hours," "Available hours," and "Actuals Hours_[month]."


            On the Assigned Hours tab we have configured that each assigned resource has a row in the workbook that shows their time forecast to the project and hours for each month over the year.  We include a bunch of other description-based stuff such as what their role on the project is, project start/end dates, and type of work etc.


            The Available Hours tab lists all our resources, the department they sit in, their job titles/roles, and then their available hours per month (which is a straight forward calculation of 8 hrs per day * Business Days in the month).  I think we could likely due without this tab and create a table calculation but I'm not sure about how to do that yet, so for now this method works.  In order to gain a truer sense of availability we are using the "Assignments" tab to also "assign" vacation time and time spent on non-project work that would reduce a resource's availability.


            From the data in these two tabs I'm able to create bar on bar charts in tableau to show resource availability, distribution of work, and types of work etc.  When I pull in the actual hour tabs for each month I can then create visualizations on utilization and how we did with our forecasting.


            It's not perfect, but it's a start for us. Once I have it up and running I can share the set up.

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              Chris Schafer



              I know this is an old thread, but was wondering what your finalized dashboard looked like?


              Thank you,