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    URL open in same Tab on server.

    Eirik Brage Steen

      Hi, first of all my first post!


      My question is as followed, is there anyway you can set actions on URL?



      So here is my setup. I have a MainPage as a dashboard 1, 2 and 3 are Images. So I used "pick URL" on those images  to redirect to the other gruops.

      My problem is when i use this solution on server the URL link is opened as a new Tab not in the same tab or "window". ?:linktarget do not work.

      If anyone have a good solution, please speak! I can do it other ways. But i need a Solid MainPage!


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          Joshua Milligan

          Hi Eirik!


          Welcome to the forums!


          If you have other dashboards or views that are part of the same workbook, it is possible to setup this kind of navigation system using Filter actions instead of URL actions.  But I'm not quite certain what you are trying to accomplish.  It might help to understand a little more about the issue.  What are the URLs pointing to?  Are they other dashboards or completely separate web pages?