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    How can dynamically include/exclude rows without confusing the end user with the "in/out" syntax of sets?

    Daniel Thull


      I really like working with sets but unfortunately many users of my dashboards find it confusing when they read "IN/OUT" on a quick filter.


      Here's the issue: I would like to show my graphs with and without certain rows. In the attached example I would like the user to be able to select whether they want to use the table with or without Espresso in Central because it was divested.

      It's easy to do this with a set. However, when a non-technical user sees the filter "IN/OUT(Divestitures" he/she doesn't have a clue what to do. Even if you modify the title, it doesn't become any clearer.

      21-03-2014 17-06-34.png


      Is there a way to show a filter that says, for example, "Include divestitures" or "Exclude divestitures" with a simple radio button?


      I have the feeling this should be easy... maybe I'm not seeing something obvious?